Ideas into Code into Experiences

We’ve created more than 100 unique apps, games, memories & more for some of the world’s leading technology brands

We Build Interactive Magic

We’ve worked around the globe—from the bustling streets of New York City to the overcast grandeur of Manchester, England. From laughing to bleeding, from brunch to all-nighters, we deliver on our promises.

Custom Development
  • Interactive
  • Gaming
  • VR / AR
  • AI / Machine Learning
  • UI / UX Design
Proprietary IP
  • Integrated Metrics
  • Integrated Social
  • BlackFrame Unity Framework
  • 360 Live Stream
  • Festivals
  • eSports
  • Installations
  • LED / Lasers
  • Projection Mapping
Event Ops
  • Program Mgmt
  • Logistics
  • Technical Support
  • Enterprise Networks
  • Warehousing

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Origin Story

Funnel 33 sits at the crossroads of the 21st century economy.

Started in 2013 because, frankly, we weren’t impressed with the competition and saw an opening to bring our own je ne sais quoi to the industry, Funnel develops stellar software, applications, and experiences for some of the biggest companies and events in the world. We’re agile, adept, adaptive, transdisciplinary, and brimming with a frenetic, devil-may-care attitude.

Despite the fact that the global economy is a vast and interlinking web of industries, many companies never stray outside their own niches. Our work, however, spans diverse industries, allowing us to draw on an expansive breadth of knowledge and bring a fresh perspective to persistent industry problems.

From eSports tournaments to sprawling music festivals, and from Unity development to electrical engineering, we’re a boutique development company offering a range of services. We work quickly and with alacrity, having perfected an agile development process that takes your visions and turns them into concrete applications or experiences as quickly as you need.

We’re adept at generating ideas and concepts and taking those abstract thoughts and developing them into engaging, unforgettable experiences and tools.

We believe that if you don’t find the exact product you need on the market, you should make it yourself. To that end, we’ve devised and created a number of in-house tools we rely on when designing and developing our state-of-the art applications.